The logic of the local

logic of local

Good, recent design from Poland and Norway was on display at the International Cultural Centre, Krakow from 16th Dec. 2016 to 26th of March 2017, and now is to be viewed at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim from 6th of April to 4th of June, 2017.

The exhibition explores how local elements make their mark on Polish and Norwegian design. In both countries, the contemporary scene is influenced by a pride in the process and respect for the materials. The handmade meets the mass-produced – but the two might intersect through a common foundation in local folk art.

Our local surroundings inspire and define creative innovation. Available materials, weather conditions, patterns and craft traditions make up a foundation for creating exciting new design. The exhibition The Logic of the Local makes clear that interest in all things local is a global phenomenon – there is a zeitgeist around the slow and sustainable.


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