Karo – Signing in Two Countries

 Karolina Rutowska arrived from Cracow to Oslo in November 2008. She quickly adapted to the new country, found a place to live and a job, and she started to pursue her career. 

First concert she gave found place in a private home, at a party gathering people interested in Polish-Norwegian cultural relations. Later, She was going to free jam at Herr Nilsen and met other musicians, Norwegian and international.

Since then, she played many concerts at small and big venues, while studying at the Music School in Katowice, to get a degree in signing and composition. 

Karolina Ritowska aka Karo is an example of an artist, who achieved everything in her life through her own hard work, and «never give up» spirit, without asking support from others or complaining about the circumstances.

She has been working on her new album for a couple of years now, and she is busy, commuting between her jobs in Norway and in Poland. For latest updates about upcoming concerts, check out her Facebook page Karo. The illustration photo is from her last concert in Oslo on 15th of October, 2017, with supporting musicians Ole Bendik, Greg Mishyshyn, Mariusz Wiater and Jorge Da Silva.


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