God’s Trumpet & Angels

Tuba Dei, The God’s Trumpet in Toruń, Poland, is one of the largest medieval church bells in Europe and the biggest one in Poland. Teatr Zaczarowany Świat, a muppet theater from the same city, active since 1950, will present their play “Tuba Dei and the Angels” in Røa 30/11, Fredrikstad 1/12, and Drammen 2/12/17. For exact days and locations, see information on page Nportal.

The play is about collective wanting to collect enough money to construct the biggest possible church bell and the greed of few who stole the money. When the money was found, fraudulent people punished, the church bell toll sound sent vibrations all over the city, and the Angels came down on Earth to celebrate that moment with all the local inhabitants.

The play won the main prize at the International Theater Festival in Kuwait and Jordan in 2017. Main part of the play is an opera, composed by Magdalena Cynk, and performed by young musicians from different Polish cities. Teatr Lalek comes to Poland on invitation of Gazeta Polska club.

/illustration image based on photo by KSN Photography/

For more information on Angelic Torun, visit site Torun Guide


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