De Press in Oslo


Polish-Norwegian new wave project since 1980  De Press are back with their 1981´album “Block to Block” at Rockefeller club in Oslo in February 2017, which won the prize as the best Norwegian album of all times several times.  36 years later, the band is still hot because all the tickets for the coming concert are outsold, even to the extra concert.

The group members today are: Andrej Nebb (vocal), Helge Hovland (guitar), Atle Rakvåg (bass) and Jonas Kjærnsrød (drums). The songs of De Press are written in Polish, Norwegian and English, and have their origin in Polish and Norwegian folklore and poetry, as well as in the European new wave music.

Earlier this year, the group played concerts in Bukta Festival in the summer 2017, and iTromsø site were very much enthusiastic “It was really cool. Great to see the old master to still have the vibe. Formidable, Andrej. Many thanks for the dream concert. Five stars!”



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