Life is the Only Way

From 1st of February to 27th of March 2019, Nationaltheatret in Oslo, will present one hour long collection of poems written by Wisława Szymborska, Polish poet who received Nobel Prize in literature in 1996. Agnes Banach and prof. Ole Selberg translated Szymborska’s poems from Polish to Norwegian.

The poems will be presented by Norwegian actresses Ellen Horn, Henriette Marø and Gisken Armand, to the music by Jan Garbarek and Kjetil Bjerkestrand. In February, the poems will also be texted on stage in Polish, to atract Polish audience living in Norway.

The strenght of Szymborska’s poetry is the ability to talk about everyday matters in simple and elegant way, elevating them to the great questions about the meaning of our existence. Her poems are touching both heart and soul, and make us to reflect on what is most important during the short time called Life.

(photo: AP – Wisława Szymborska in Stockholm at Nobel Prize ceremony in 1996)


For more information in Norwegian and Polish, please check out this link:

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